Building of the month December 2019

Lee’s pawn shop Original design by peedeejay (Paul Kawano) // ReMOD by Kebo. I browsed for inspiration for new modular buildings to build. The 16×32 ‘small shop’ collection caught my eye. This months building is the Lee’s pawn shop. I’ve only made a few changes to the original design. My husband bought the instruction […]

Building of the month May 2019

The Courthouse. (Town hospital ReMOD) Designed by Brickative. // ReMOD my Kebo. It’s time for another wonderful moc made by the super talented Brickative team. This time with a twist. The Courthouse. This is my first ReMOC of a MOC building. I’m a HUGE Brickative fan. I love their designs. I bought the instructions for […]

Building of the month April 2019

The University. Designed by Brickative. It’s time for another wonderful moc made by the super talented Brickative team. The University. This model gives the normal modular building technique a twist. Instead of two corner buildings back to back. This model has a center building with an add-on on each side. Still being true to the […]

Building of the month March 2019

The modular hospital, the new wing. Designed by Andrepsramos / The Lego group / Brickative / Kebo. This month building is an add-on to the modular hospital. The modular hospital, the new wing. The design of this modular building is based on the design of the main hospital building made by Andrepsramos. With some add-ons from The […]

Debricked, The cupcake house

The cupcake house. Designed by Kebo. I don’t really know what to call this type of post. The first name that came up was debricked. What I’m doing is scrapping one of my buildings for parts. There are different reasons for this deconstruction. The main reason, I’m running out of space in my modular city. (a new […]

Building of the month January 2019

The Cafe Havana. Designed by Brickative. I’m going to start off the year 2019 with one of the wonderful mocs made by the super talented Brickative team. The Cafe Havana. This model is something totally different to what a usual modular building looks like. It’s refreshing. I’ve not stayed a 100% true to the original instruction. […]

Building of the month October 2018

The modular hospital. Designed by Andrepsramos.   The original. More info about the original can be found on the Rebrickable website. My modified version with a garage for the ambulance, instead of the cafe. Used a different color scheme. + A different flowerbed. The ground floor: The original has a small cafe, I’ve changed the area […]

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