Building of the month September 2018

The Lego Cafe Corner 10182

Designed by The LEGO Group.

This is an independent site not authorized or sponsored by the LEGO Group

The original 10182 Cafe Corner with a ground floor, 1st floor, and 2nd floor.

My modified version with an extra floor. The way the original is build it’s super easy to add the extra floor. No modification needed to the original. + I’ve added an extra lamppost.

The ground floor:

The original Cafe Corner hasn’t got any interior. So I’ve been busy. I’ve taken the small coffee hut from the 60097 City square, and build it into the cafe.

The female barista has hired Larry the barista to help her out.

The 1st floor:

This was one open floor on the original. I’ve made two rooms with a bed and a bedside table + a tiled hallway.

The 2nd floor:

This is the extra added floor. Like the 1st floor, I’ve made two rooms with bed and bedside table + tiled hallway.

Beds from 41101 Heartlake hotel.

The 3rd floor:

I’ve added a bedroom with a bigger bed + bedside table + a small dresser an armchair.

The instruction for the king bed is from the book ‘The LEGO neighborhood book‘ by Brian and Jason Lyles.

The armchair and the Minifigure are from a mini ‘scenario’ / room made by a third-party brand.


The final twist. I’ve built in lights. This makes the model pop.


I’m really happy with the modifications. The extra floor does wonders to the model in my honest opinion. I won’t say that the model is completely finished. Obviously, the doors to the rooms with clear glass in them need to be modified.

Final note:

The hardcore AFOL, will by now have spotted that my model is a third-party model.

I am well aware of the fandom views around supporting third-party brands and their way of working. I’m not here to promote them in any way. So they will remain named ‘Third-party brands’ Including the brands that have their own original designs.

I’m not going to defend my reasons for owning these third-party models. I’m here to share my love for the modular building series and the MOC’s build by creative fans.

If you are a really passioned  AFOL, and can’t see past the ‘third-party’ thing. Please keep calm and carry on.

If I’ve featured one of your creations, and you don’t wish to be featured on my blog. Please get in touch and I’ll remove the post.

Thank you.

LEGO®is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site.


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