Design: Custombricks // Mod: Kebo

Building of the month November 2018

The Modular Cafe Hotel.

Designed by Max Niebling (Custombricks)

The original Cafe Hotel.

Build as a three-part structure, on one 32×32 studs baseplate and two 16×32 baseplates. The total measurement of this building is, 63,6 cm tall, 52,1 cm wide and 27,5 cm deep.


My modified version with interior design. + A small greenhouse on the back side of the building.

The ground floor:


  • I’ve tiled the floor in the staircase room, and build a luggage cart for the bellhop.
  • I’ve made a small reception desk with a small shelf for the room keys on the back wall. I’ve also built a big flower pot with fresh colorful flowers.
  • The lobby bar, with a piano and two tables, with a glass top.

The 1st floor:


  • Tiled the floor in a red and white pattern on the landing.
  • Added a kitchen in the middle, where the brunch is being prepared.
  • Added a small buffet, doughnut, and hotdog area to the small brunch area.

The 2nd floor:


  • Added lamps to the hallway and a windowsill under the wide windows. The floor pattern in the hallway is a pattern printed on a clear sticker sheet, then added to some white 2×2 tiles.
  • Two rooms made with beds and a small dresser and added a bathroom with a shower, sink and a toilet
  • Made a wellness area with two showers, a tub, and a small sauna.

The 3rd floor:


  • More rooms, this time with smaller bathrooms. + A family room with bunkbeds for the kids.
  • Added the hotel sign from the Lego 60200 set.

The 4th floor:


  • This is the staff floor. A cleaning closet at the end of the hallway.
  • Two rooms with two beds in each.
  • The hotel owners office with a bed and a ladder to the attic.

The Attic:

  • Added four boxes with ornaments for the Christmas decoration, and other decoration stuff.

  • Like the previous buildings, I’ve added lights to this building also.


I LOVE this model. The facade design is really well made. Designing the interior was lots of fun too. There might still be some minor changes to be made.

Final note:

The hardcore AFOL, will by now have spotted that there is a mix of Lego and third-party bricks used in the model.

I am well aware of the fandom views around supporting third-party brands and their way of working. I’m not here to promote them in any way. So they will remain named ‘Third-party brands’ Including the brands that have their own original designs.

I’m not going to defend my reasons for owning these third-party models. I’m here to share my love for the modular building series and the MOC’s build by creative fans.

If you are a really passioned  AFOL, and can’t see past the ‘third-party’ thing. Please keep calm and carry on.

If I’ve featured one of your creations, and you don’t wish to be featured on my blog. Please get in touch and I’ll remove the post.

Thank you.

LEGO®is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site

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