Building of the month March 2019

The modular hospital, the new wing.

Designed by Andrepsramos / The Lego group / Brickative / Kebo.

This month building is an add-on to the modular hospital.

The modular hospital, the new wing.

The design of this modular building is based on the design of the main hospital building made by Andrepsramos. With some add-ons from The Lego Group models.

The ground floor:

  • The fast food place and the door from the hotel from Lego city Capital 60200 have been modified to fit this building.
  • The ground floor now features a pharmacy and a fast food place.
  • Used tan bricks instead of white, to highlight this as an added property to the original hospital.

The 1st floor:

  • The front of the building, from the 1st floor and up, has the same design as the original hospital. This has been done to give the building a coherent look.
  • There is a small female examine room, with a privacy curtain.
  • Bathroom with two stalls
  • Patient room with two beds. The interior is from the Brickative town hospital.

The 2nd floor:

  • Here’s a small examining room. The interior is from the Brickative town hospital.
  • Patient room with two beds.

The 3rd floor:

  • Here’s a super small examining room with a bed.
  • An infant room with two incubators, with access to a balcony
  • One of the hospital porters has left a bed in the hallway

The connection:


  • The idea for the extra wing came after I’ve built the hotel. I wanted to have a building that had the same size and could be placed back to back.
  • I’ve made the open archway to the hallway and modified the main hospital’s hallway, so they connect.
  • I didn’t find it necessary to build a wall for the end rooms, the main hospital already had a wall, so when you put the two parts together you’ll get the needed wall.



This building has been a mix of a predefined design (main hospital) Incorporating some Lego originals (fast food place and hotel door from Lego 60200) Reuse of interior (Brickative town hospital) and my own design (the pharmacy interior) and the overall idea and concept.

I still need to print the logo for the pharmacy (white cube over the door) and some other bricks and pieces here and there.

Final note:

The hardcore AFOL, will by now have spotted that there is a mix of Lego and third-party bricks used in the model.

I am well aware of the fandom views around supporting third-party brands and their way of working. I’m not here to promote them in any way. So they will remain named ‘Third-party brands’ Including the brands that have their own original designs.

I’m not going to defend my reasons for owning these third-party models. I’m here to share my love for the modular building series and the MOC’s build by creative fans.

If you are a really passioned  AFOL, and can’t see past the ‘third-party’ thing. Please keep calm and carry on.

If I’ve featured one of your creations, and you don’t wish to be featured on my blog. Please get in touch and I’ll remove the post.

Thank you.

LEGO®is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which do not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site

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