Design: Brickative // Mod: Kebo

Building of the month April 2019

The University.

Designed by Brickative.

It’s time for another wonderful moc made by the super talented Brickative team.

The University.

This model gives the normal modular building technique a twist. Instead of two corner buildings back to back. This model has a center building with an add-on on each side. Still being true to the ‘ modular building baseplate layout.

I’ve more or less stayed true to the instructions. Only added the red phone booth to the sidewalk.

The ground floor:

  • A clear sign that this is a Brickative design, is the amount of detail put into even the smallest rooms. The hallway toilet has both the toilet and a sink.
  • The archway to the front doors is really well made.
  • Plan to convert one of the side offices. Just need to figure out what to put in the narrow room.

The 1st floor of the center building:

  • Having the staircase being the connection between the center building and the two side buildings is pure genius.
  • There is even a small restroom
  • The big lecture room with the chair rows is a spot on.

The 2nd floor of the center building:

  • This floor is the creative art studio, under the roof.
  • Nice utilization of the narrow space.

The side buildings:

  • The ground floor has two offices, I plan to convert one of them.
  • 1st floor has classrooms
  • 2nd floor has study room… shhh. Be quiet.


I LOVE this model. As written earlier, this is something different from the regular modular building series. A nice addition. It’s a huge build with a floorplan of two 32×32 baseplates, filled with details. So a lot of bricks are needed. But it is so worth it.

Visit the Brickative store here.

Final note:

The hardcore AFOL, will by now have spotted that there is a mix of Lego and third-party bricks used in the model.

I am well aware of the fandom views around supporting third-party brands and their way of working. I’m not here to promote them in any way. So they will remain named ‘Third-party brands’ Including the brands that have their own original designs.

I’m not going to defend my reasons for owning these third-party models. I’m here to share my love for the modular building series and the MOC’s build by creative fans.

If you are a really passioned  AFOL, and can’t see past the ‘third-party’ thing. Please keep calm and carry on.

If I’ve featured one of your creations, and you don’t wish to be featured on my blog. Please get in touch and I’ll remove the post.

Thank you.

LEGO®is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which do not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site

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