Building of the month March 2019

The modular hospital, the new wing. Designed by Andrepsramos / The Lego group / Brickative / Kebo. This month building is an add-on to the modular hospital. The modular hospital, the new wing. The design of this modular building is based on the design of the main hospital building made by Andrepsramos. With some add-ons from The […]

Building of the month October 2018

The modular hospital. Designed by Andrepsramos.   The original. More info about the original can be found on the Rebrickable website. My modified version with a garage for the ambulance, instead of the cafe. Used a different color scheme. + A different flowerbed. The ground floor: The original has a small cafe, I’ve changed the area […]

The elephant in the room

I feel this post is needed. In my about area, I’ve written ‘– Bricks (LEGO®, and third-party brands)‘ I am well aware of the fandom views around supporting third-party brands and their way of working. I’m not here to promote them in any way. So they will remain named ‘Third-party brands’ Including the brands that […]

Rekindled love

As a kid I played with Lego®, Transformers and Action Force (G.I. Joe) Lego was the toyline that had been part of my childhood the longest. Fast forward to 2016 I went to our local Toys’R’Us, I was looking for a gift or something. Went to the LEGO® area to catch up. The brick bank from the […]

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